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"These are the proven strategies I've used to help countless business owners like you achieve real bottom line enhancing breakthroughs. Now, you can put me to the test in your own business!" - Raksha

Master's in Business Management &
Knowledge + Innovation Management
Certified Knowledge Environment Engineer

Advanced Digital Marketing Certified
Certified Sales Coach
Certified Industry Analyst Professional,
Media Contributor, Author and Speaker

Hi, it’s Raksha here to help you overcome the overwhelm and frustration in building your dream business.

Before implementing the marketing strategies I’m going to share with you in my latest book, I found myself working in my business day and night and struggled to meet my six-figure income goals.

Admittedly, I made the mistake of ignoring what I knew were solid business principles and wasted time listening to all the so-called "gurus" that were spouting the latest tip, trick, and tactic.

I confess that I wasted hours creating blog content, hanging out on social media, and jumping from one new fad to the next!

After deciding to "get back to basics" and implementing these proven strategies for myself and my clients, I am now a contributor to six-figure coach magazine, an author and a consultant to other businesses looking to amplify their marketing and results.

Plus, I am attracting my ideal clients and producing real results, not vanity metrics. 

Here's the secret: There are really only 5 areas of business focus that will move the dial and grow your income. If you focus on those 5 areas, you can reduce frustration and get better marketing outcomes. 

Here's my offer: Put me to the test and see for yourself! 

As a simple way for me to demonstrate my marketing expertise, I've developed the unique ability to find ANY business owner at least $10,000 in undiscovered revenue in 45 minutes or less. GUARANTEED. 

Imagine what we could do together if you were my client! 

I call this process my 45 Minute Business Breakthroughs: 8 Strategies to Increase Your Small Business Revenue Uncovered in Less than 45 Minutes. 

AND I am offering it to you today FREE.

Learn the secrets to generating cash fast in your business, Leads predictably, Converting more prospects, Raising prices effectively, and keeping more cash in your pocket!

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