BBR Private Business Accelerator

For business owners that are serious about creating real results!

Small Business Owners, are you growing fast enough?

If you want to grow and scale your small business or solo practice further than you ever dreamed, without having to read anymore blog posts or sign up for another course, the BBR Network Private Business Accelerator might be exactly what you need. The Build Business Results (BBR) Network is bringing together a small group of serious business owners across industries to work together to grow their businesses.

Do you feel alone, or are you unsupported?

How would you like to have a proven path, and continuous support for your growth?

Not only will you have access to the powerful "Media Spotlighted" online client attraction program, but you will have a 52-week program designed to take a business over the million dollar revenue mark alongside direct access to a top tier marketing strategy advisor, Raksha Sukhia, so you can get supported to do what works in marketing, sales and business development and growth and finally, see the accelerated growth you've worked so hard for!

Your Business Growth Plan will Benefit From:

  • Online on-going 24/7 repository of tried and tested resources in the BBR Business Advisory that will help you build your business from scratch or design new strategies for your existing business.
  • BBR Results Center - The all-in-one Sales & Marketing Platform for our clients to create business funnels, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Analytics, Leads Tracking, and many other CRM features.
  • A 24x7-365 access to our BBR Private Business Accelerator with experts and other business owners to tap into for sharing ideas, getting feedback and working alongside and accountability.
  • Weekly bring your business challenges to the table via a weekly group coaching training with Raksha and other business owners and coaches from different places of the world.
  • Access to all BBR events, webinars, and workshops that will help you build a cost-effective way to grow your business gradually with help from the experts. 

The online BBR Business Advisory has been featured across many media outlets as this is the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support to help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities.

Maximizing value and flexibility

Here's what you get:

  • 45 Minutes Private Business Discussion and Get Started Guidance/Orientation Call with Raksha (this may be coupled with a suitability assessment). (USD$250 value)
  • 24-7- 365 Access to a Private Online Business Advisory of strategies, tools and templates, and how to instructions in the profit center areas (USD$2364 value): 1. Generating Leads 2. Getting Business Conversions 3. Increasing Transactions, 4. Pricing, 5: Profits and scaling your business to the revenue milestone quickly.
  • Customizable roadmap to business strategies that will give you the most bang for your buck (USD$97 Value).
  • 52-Week Sequential Business Growth Program Delivered to Your Email weekly with Video (or mp3 Format), workbook and summary document (USD$1997 Value).
  • Weekly 'Tuesday' training webinars - shared in the group for all to work on together (USD$3564 Value) with week by week e-coaching.
  • Monthly Hands on Implementation LIVE Group Coaching/ Calls with Raksha (USD$3360 Value).
  • Access to Raksha via Private Facebook group for breakthroughs.
  • "Ask the Specialist" FB LIVE Calls with live Q/A recorded for your convenience (USD$1497 Value)
  • Optional "Half Day Confidential Business Assessment" Sessions at member discounted rate.
  • Access to the BBR-Network and Membership Group/ Site - with a broader community of Business Owners Working on their business.
  • Access 24-7-365 to a Private FB Group and Community of serious business owners, there for encouragement, leverage and to there to support you no matter what.
  • Continued relevant value nuggets, guest interviews, Facebook Live Tips and Guidance, time Saving shortcuts, articles and more....
  • An assigned accountability partner to help you drive your results forward.
  • Special Deals on Programs, 1 -1 Coaching, & Events unavailable anywhere else.

A private collaborative FB support community

Get help from business owners from different regions and business categories

With the private collaborative FB Community support, you don't have to build alone!

At BBR Network, we believe that true innovation and growth stems from collaboration and that is why we built the Private Business Accelerator community. Not only will you have access to tactics and strategies that are proven to grow your business, but also you have access to a community of peers and experts that will give you feedback, share how strategies worked for them, seek clarification and support your growth. We believe, the energy that is generated from this is invaluable for business owner. now, you never have to feel unsupported, nor alone, again.

BBR Results Center - An all-in-one CRM platform

It has everything everything your company needs to succeed

The Results Center Platform is everything that companies need to manage their client's leads, websites, funnels, calendars and many other services that are needed to maintain a customer. This all-in-one marketing and sales platform will allow you to keep all your marketing tools in one place (while saving you money) and streamline your entire delivery process, so you can focus on your business strategy rather than thinking about technical issues. Results Center can help you grow your company by connecting you with our business strategists who can help you close more deals or offer more services.

As an all-in-one platform, the Results Center will be able to help you with Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Appointments and Scheduling, Payments, Social Media Scheduling, Google and Facebook Ads, Analytics, Campaigns, Funnels, and tons of other features that you need in order to run your business smoothly.

Results Center Funnel

Unrestricted access to an incredible small business resource library

Total Value: US$13,129

But for a Short Time here's Your Introductory Investment for this Value:


Annual Subscription Membership



Monthly Subscription Membership


Who this group is for?

This package is for business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. If your goal is to grow your business using a proven system that produces measurable outcomes, then this group is for you. You want to finally get paid what you're worth, have predictable leads coming in at the rate you want them, and the ability to grow your business to where you need it to be.

Who this group is NOT for?

This group is not for you if you are looking for a silver-bullet, done-for-you solution. You will be joining a group to learn proven strategies and then taking action to implement and get your own results. We will hold YOU accountable, so excuse-makers and tire-kickers need not apply.

Here's what you are getting

BBR Business Advisory - A dynamic
do-it-yourself just-in-time client attraction program

Created for small businesses owner, entrepreneurs and
solopreneurs growing their own businesses

  • A Self Diagnostic Report on Your Business (More detailed diagnostics and strategic planning tools are available here)
  • Customized Marketing Road Map
  • A Quick Start to Follow in your own time
  • Tips for Scaling Your Business
  • 52-Week Sequential Business Growth Program Delivered to Your Email
  • Recorded Series of Training Webinars

52-week sequential business growth
program delivered to your email

Every week we teach you marketing strategies and tactics that will generate as many leads for your business as you can handle and explain the best ways to convert those leads into paying clients.

Each strategy we cover includes tons of examples so the information provided can be easily applied to every business.

The content for each weekly group coaching call is specifically designed to help provide a "transformational" experience for each business that applies the information. the result is a business with the ability to dominate their market.

Ongoing High Impact, Actionable Expertise!

  • High Impact Micro-Learning Videos
  • Regular 'Ask-the- Expert' calls to dial into
  • Access to ,Magazine Title
  • BBR Business Growth Perspectives Podcast
  • Ongoing Feedback and much more

Access to expertise and additional coaching support as needed

The content in the Business Advisory is great and actionable. But, sometimes you get stuck, need another opinion or the experience of a business growth specialist to help you work through applying it to your business. or you just need some help to navigate and find what you are looking for. our BBR facilitators are available in a private members only group to support you in that capacity and if you need . one on one mini consultations are also available and member only rates for additional coaching packages are available t help you stay on track, stay accountable or work though specific challenges.
We at the BBR Network are here to help you succeed. please reach out and let us help you exceed your goals.

Attend weekly group coaching
or watch the replays from the convenience of your home:

  • Discover The Secret Used By The Pros To Work Fewer Hours While Making More Money.
  • Get Laser-Focused On Your Highest Income-Producing Activities.
  • Rid Yourself Forever Of All Income-Draining Activities.
  • Take Back Your Precious Family Time.
  • Start Living The Lifestyle You So Richly Deserve.
Raksha Sukhia
Raksha Signature

Message from the Founder

I created the BBR Network Business Advisory System initially to support my private clients with unrestricted access to the tools, resources and just in time access to the strategies to work on so that the time we spend together could be spent growing their business. I then realized that there was a community out there that may not be-able to get my regular business growth support that could still benefit from support and the content of the advisory so i blended the tow to make all this valuable information available to a broader community in an roadable via a PRIVATE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR membership whereby can still support the community and everyone in the network can benefit from the lessons-learned and successes of one another. To me, this kind of collaboration is where true innovation is generated.