Did you know that most entrepreneurs waste their effort because they don’t know how to communicate their business value succinctly?

Morning and Evening Session Available 

Join us to Test-Drive your current pitch; sharpen its focus; and see what it does for your response rates. 

"Get Your Pitch On" Online-Workshop

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
10:00 AM EST / 10:00 PM SG time

"Get Your Pitch On" Online-Workshop

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
9 PM EST / 9 AM SG time

2.5 hours conducted LIVE -ONLINE.  Please Register Below and be directed to the workshop URL. 

Get Remembered. 

Get prospects to buy into your product and service quicker?

Network efficiently and get easily get connected you with your buyers?

Regardless if the purpose is to raise money, get sales, build partnerships,
or simply to recruit, a strong pitch is one of the most essential tools to capture interest and establish value.

In this fun and highly interactive session, we’ll roll up our sleeves and put together and or strengthen your existing elevator pitch. You’ll leave with your perfect pitch to take to your next networking event and for you to take your business forward.

You will walk away with:

  • an understanding of the key elements that need to be in your pitch
  • knowing what to do and what not to do when pitching
  • a solid and practiced pitch that you can record and immediately use

What Past Participants Say:

"Excercises, feedback and discussions were very helpful"

"Presenter was excellent; very good written materials" 

 "Appreciate  workshop-oriented style - very hands-on and interactive"
"Very informative and useful"

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Please Register Below and be directed to the workshop URL.
Interactive workshop with workbook all for a simple USD $18 'Commitment' fee 

About The Presenter

  • Business Profitability & Growth Coach
  • CMO to Several Businesses
  • Certified Sales Coach
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Certified
  • Executive/Leadership Growth Coach
  • Knowledge & Innovation Mgmt Certified
  • Executive/ Transformation Coach

Raksha is a business growth strategist and founder of the Build Business Results Network (BBR Network), Raksha Sukhia’s mission to redefine small business owners' growth and success stories. She works with Fortune 500’s, small businesses, and start-ups across industries, globally. Raksha is certified in Advanced Digital Marketing and holds a Bachelors in International Business Management, and a Masters in Organizational Development, Knowledge and Change Management. She’s rolled out digital transformation and knowledge management programs for corporations and pioneered one of the fastest-growing innovation and knowledge management movements. Raksha’s run regional marketing teams for a multinational corporation, across 9 countries and serves as a Chief Marketing and Growth officer for several clients. She and her team help small businesses achieve ongoing, measurable profitability. She’s started 2 of her businesses and works with business owners to drive sales growth year-on-year.

Raksha is a Platinum Certified Business Profitability/Growth Coach and also Transformation and Sales Enablement Coach, with thousands of coaching hours guiding CEOs, senior executives, and their teams to performance breakthroughs.

She’s experienced first hand that the hotbed of innovation and meaningful change comes from the entrepreneurial spirit of small business intersecting with vital collaboration with like-minded business owners.

Knowing that 50% of small businesses fail. And in the U.S. alone that's more than 15 million families affected by the business failure and understands that success comes at the intersection of proven-practice, built by the collective intelligence shared within a true knowledge sharing “community of practice”.

The BBR Network provides results-oriented business owners with the tools and resources they need to fast-track their growth and profitability. Its platform of strategies specifically tailored for small businesses melding digital marketing, sale enablement, and streetwise financial management, with proven business development tactics.