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Live Online Program - Global

Live Online Program - Global




All modules will be 90-minute sessions inclusive of Q/A and will be supported at home assignments, workbooks & templates and between session private community support.

Establishing Your Positioning

Critical to your marketing is getting your targeting right and this is the first place where solopreneuers and
business owners fall short. In this session we will look at your business and market segment and look at your
overall positioning. 

Developing Your Brand Story

Articulating your Brand and Value Proposition is and area that most entrepreneurs struggle with and often convince themselves they have what they need and end up going to market without putting the necessary time into this important thought process and developing brand collateral that will serve. Building on Module 1 deliverables we'll do it together and help each other through the hurdle. 

Map Out Automated 3-Step “Prospect Capture” Process

The challenge with small and growing businesses is developing and ongoing lead capture system and sales funnel so that you may continuously attract a stream of prospects and turn them into clients. In this module we will use the key attraction statements and begin to understand how all the elements of an automation lead capture funnel fit together. 

Automation Tools

Building on the structure of the three step funnel you'll be ready to put the automation in place so that you can have a regular lead capture mechanism. In this session we will understand the key digital marketing components and how the strategies and their tools fit together to develop and enable your client attraction process. Participants will set up their basic automation suite and be ready to pull the elements together. 

Developing your Product Stack

It's one thing to have your offer but its another thing to make money and this is where breaking your offers and planning your product stack will help you to realize your revenue and income goals. In this session we will talk about product up-and-down sells and bundling as a way to increase revenue and begin to establish solid and achievable revenue goals. 

Nurturing Leads though the Customer Journey 
Via a Drip Campaign

Building upon your product stack and market segmentation in earlier modules you'll  further flesh out the key stages of your Customer Buying Journey from awareness to consideration and purchase. You will anticipate objections to your buyers and and begin drafting out your email automation drip campaign. 

Understanding How to Convert with Copy

It's one thing to grab a prospects attention its another to encourage them to convert to buyers. By now you'll have the core thinking in place. In this section we will examine the key elements BBR's Conversion EquationTM and learn how to apply it in developing not essential conversion copy for your sales capture process. 

Getting the Business Essentials in Place

You're ready to implement but what next? In this session we'll put into place and understand some of the "dashboard" and metrics you'll need to put into play to continue to evaluate and monitor your campaigns and to scale your business and meet your financial goals. 

Reston Chamber of Commerce

Live Online Program - Global

Live Online Program - Global

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