For Business Owners that are Serious About Results Only
Small Business Owners, Are you growing fast enough?
How would you like to have a proven path AND continuous support for your growth?
If you want to grow and scale your small business or solo practice further then you ever dreamed, without having to read anymore blog posts or sign up for another course, then the BUILD BUSINESS RESULTS NETWORK MASTERMIND/MEMBERSHIP might be exactly what you need. The Build Business Results Network is bringing together a small group of serious business owners across industries to work together to grow their business, together. Join Us? 

Not only will you have access to the powerful "media spotlighted" online client attraction program, but you will have a 52 week program designed to take a business over the million dollar revenue mark alongside direct access to a top tier marketing strategy advisor, Raksha Sukhia so you can get supported to do what works in marketing, sales and business development and growth and finally, see the accelerated growth you've worked so hard for!
You'll benefit from
  •  Business Development Support to scale your business quickly and with support and momentum of a small private group of business owners from  different industries working on their business alongside yours.
  •  Weekly strategies to implement  feedback from your cohort and daily motivation to implement and so much more...
  •  Access 24-7-365 to a Private Community with experts and other business owners to tap into for sharing ideas, getting feedback and working alongside and accountability.
  •  Handheld though an easy to implement 52-week step-by-step training program geared to take small businesses across the million dollar revenue- threshold 
  •  Media Spotlighted Business Advisory think of it as an on-demand-comprehensive library of business growth strategies o scale your business over the million dollar mark AND the tools to implement them.  
  •  Continuous monthly support and training from a top-tier business growth specialist and "Ask the specialist calls".
  •  A safe collaborative environment to learn and grow -without being sold to.
Here is what you get:
  •  45 Minutes Private Business Discussion and Get Started Guidance/Orientation Call with Raksha          (this may be coupled with a suitability assessment). (USD$250 value)
  •  24-7- 365 access to a private online business advisory of strategies, tools and templates, and how to instructions in the profit center areas: 1. Generating Leads, 2. Getting Business Conversions 3. Increasing Transactions, 4. Pricing, 5: Profits and scaling your business to the revenue milestone quickly. (USD$2364 value)
  •  Customizable road map to business strategies that will give you the most bang for your buck (USD$97 Value)
  •  52 Week Quick Start Program delivered to you weekly with Video (or mp3 Format), workbook and summary document (USD$1997 Value)
  •  Weekly 'Tuesday' training webinars - shared in the group for all to work on together (USD$3564 Value) with week by week e-coaching.
  •  Monthly Hands on Implementation LIVE Group Coaching/ Calls with Raksha (USD$3360 Value)
  •  "Ask the Specialist" FB LIVE Calls with live Q/A recorded for your convenience (USD$1497 Value)
  •  Optional "Half Day Confidential Business Assessment" Sessions at member discounted rate.
  •  Access to the BBR-Network and Membership Group/Site - with a broader community of Business Owners Working on their business.
  •  Access 24-7-365 to a Private FB Group and Community of serious business owners, there for encouragement, leverage and to there to support you no matter what. 
  •  Continued relevant value nuggets, guest interviews, Facebook Live Tips and Guidance, time Saving shortcuts, articles and more....​
  •  An assigned accountability partner to help you drive your results forward.
  •  Special Deals on Programs, 1 -1 Coaching, & Events unavailable anywhere else.....​
  •  Access to Raksha via Private Facebook group for breakthroughs & clarity.                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Priceless)
BUT for a short time here's your introductory investment for this value:
SEATS ARE ALLOCATED ON A FIRST TO SIGN UP BASIS. Lock in this rate now and keep it forever.
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and SoloPreneurs. If your goal is to grow your business using a proven system that produces measurable outcomes, then this group is for you. You want to finally get paid what you're worth, have predictable leads coming in at the rate you want them, and the ability to grow your business to where you need it to be.
This group is not for you if you are looking for a silver-bullet, done-for-you solution. You will be joining a group to learn proven strategies and then taking action to implement and get your own results. We will hold YOU accountable, so excuse-makers and tire-kickers need not apply.
“My family cannot talk to me about what I am doing, and cannot help me to celebrate my small successes. I love having a group that knows what I am trying to do and  can celebrate my achievements with me  and who help me to keep moving forward.

Thank You for creating a place for REAL business implementation talk. ”
Nikki Jones
I was skeptical at first and didn't really know what questions to ask. But once I  expressed my challenges the group was able to hep me see what  I needed to do. Being able to interact, knowing that no one was trying to sell me services that I do not need, is refreshing. I’m a bit behind on the strategies - I’ve been putting out my daily fires, but everyday when I log in I get reminded motivated to keep my eye on the whats really important, strategy. Thanks for the continuous support.”
Trey Mcguirre
“I bought courses before but they sent me videos and left me on my own to figure out what to do. And of course nothing ever gets done and it feels like you are at ground zero at the end of it. Not this.  Thats whats totally different here: I love having people out there who are trying similar tools to automate their businesses so we can share what works and what doesn’t in the right context. Its also great to have people who have faced the same challenges- before me, thanks to the group for all the guidance on what mistakes not to make. Its great to hear what others are doing and see what applies to my business. It far beats any course I've every purchased”
Paul Jenson
You May Be Thinking . . . . (FAQ's)
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What is in the business advisory?
The business advisory has a vast quantity of materials and over 400 hours of step by step video training with workbooks to give you a jump start. Organized according to the 5 Step to Ignite Profit Process: Leads; Conversions, Transactions; Pricing and Profitability, and Scaling your Business: Your will have at your fingertips a in each section Fundamentals, Strategies and Tactics and Ready to Customize Resources and Templates. Its got a customizable roadmap, quick start strategies and a 52 week program designed to take your business over its next revenue threshold. Take a look for yourself.
What if I miss one of the live calls?
No worries! All the calls will be recorded and uploaded into our private members area so you can access them on your schedule.
What if I miss one of the live calls?
No worries! All the calls will be recorded and uploaded into our private members area so you can access them on your schedule.
Can my business partner join me?
Membership is for one person only. They could login to the system using your account OR they will need to purchase a second membership.
Who is this experience is for:
You get paid for your expert knowledge and want to increase your income, influence, and impact and attract ideal, perfect clients
You are tired of chasing 'shiny objects' in your business and need a clear path
You've heard enough from the 'marketing gurus' and are ready for results and a process to implement
You are committed to taking action and ready to build the business you really want with no excuses
You want to elevate your circle of influence and surround yourself with positive people with an abundant mindset who are making a difference
You desire more recognition as an expert in your industry and as a thought leader or want to get your business known.
What if my competition is in the group?
This mastermind is limited to one business per industry. However in the our global BBR Network community our business owner members know that competition is a reality, but we understand that each of our businesses have unique gifts and talents and will develop our own proven process and marketing dominating position statement. We have an abundant mindset and focus on our business, not our competition.
Where will the extra events be held?
Build Business Results events will be live and/or recorded and access will be provided via the community and the membership site.
What is in the Build Business Results (BBR) online advisory?
The BBR Business Advisory is an online platform with hundreds of strategies, tactics, and tools for growing your business. You can instantly access video trainings on any topic related to marketing and use the copyright free templates to copy/paste into your own campaigns.
Will this program help my industry?
Yes.  If you have the ability to change someone's health, wealth, business, relationships, self-image, or provide a valuable service, then this program will work for you.
I've spent tons of money on courses before, what makes this different?
This program is NOT a membership and it is NOT A COURSE. It is ACCESS to proven experts, training, resources that work and a community  that you can use in your business right where you are now. Each person will be on their unique path, but on a similar journey. We're not dumping more 'shiny object' information on you. We are dedicated your success!
How long will it take me to get results in my business?
Only you can control how long it will take to get results in your business and this is 100% dependent on how fast you take action and implement the proven strategies. Some of our clients have received results in as fast in 24 hours, some in a matter of days. Those that commit to the program and take action without excuses are the ones destined to succeed. We are here to support you on your own unique journey.
About Raksha Sukhia, CKM, CKEE, CIARP
With more than two decades working in consultancy and in-house roles, her knowledge of leading strategic initiatives for global Fortune 500 multinationals, start-ups and government enterprises is unrivalled. She now uses her extensive skills to help small business owners flourish. Raksha shifts mindsets and imbeds marketing strategies that take them from wherever they are to the next level at an accelerated pace.
Her ‘secret sauce’ is highly effective and she has two decades of client results to prove it. She brings a combination of dynamic skills to the SME marketplace; including strategic and digital marketing, sales performance coaching, business transformation consultancy, organizational development and innovation management. Every client gets one-on-one access to her unique combination of expertise and her ability to deliver results. Having been through some of the toughest mindset shift and transformation programs in the world, Raksha’s mission is to leverage her talents to become the strategic-ally for SME business owners around the globe and instrumental in their growth. She is skilled at uncovering tacit impediments, that once unleashed will dramatically increase ROI, enhance profitability and expedite growth.
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