IF you are a business owner YOU KNOW that:
  •  You want to grow your business faster than its going.
  •  You should be spending working ON your business but cant get away from working IN the business?
  •  You need to be strategic rather than tactical about your business growth but really do not know where to focus?
What if we could compress months of strategy development into a few key outputs that will change your marketing and sales results forever in a one-day intensive business growth levers roll-up our sleeves session. The good news is NOW YOU CAN.
YES REALLY: You get your independent jammed packed power
roll-up your-sleeves DAY with a SMB Marketing Expert. 
Generated  personally** we will:
  •  Review your strategic MARKET DOMINATING position and identify areas to innovate/increase gross profit %.
  •   Define further your TARGET MARKET/NICHES so you can attract the right clients you love and who love you that are willing to pay for your expertise, product or service
  •  Review and apply a PROVEN CONVERSION EQUATION formula to your existing marketing process/sales funnel and develop a set of materials that follow the equation that can underpin your tactical marketing plan  
  •  Lay out a simple 3-STEP LEAD GENERATION process to generate a regular source of leads and prospects
  •  Eliminate DOUBT so you can be in the right mindset to grow, innovate and close more business
  •  Set you up with a ROADMAP for IMPLEMENTING GROWTH STRATEGIES on your own with your membership to the Build Business Results Business Advisory and the Build Business Results Mastermind at 50% the already discounted  bundled price.          (Recommended Add- On -Select at Check Out)
  • Review your business FORECAST & REVEAL QUICK RESULTS STRATEGIES  (implementation speed/cost/vs potential revenue impact) to incorporate into your marketing plan          (Optional Add-On - email:
BOOK Whilst there are time slots - AND get these bonuses:

Pre "One-Day" Focus Consult

We will review preliminary challenges revealed by you and high level strategies possible so that we can focus your implementation day. A calendar invite and a few questions to get us going will be sent upon confirmation of your booking (Valued@ $250)

Sales & Marketing Audit Review

I will review with you your completed sales and marketing game-plan worksheet once you complete it and send it to me.  You will get a link to download this guide upon confirmation of your booking. (Usually priced at $497w/consult)
And Check Out this One Time Value Add:
ADD-ON HALF DAY: 50% added value for 25% more ($875)
Yes, whilst we have the ball rolling there is always more to do. This additional session at a quarter of the rate for the 1st day will give you the option to add more value for less. We can either continue the work we started in our first day, or separately conduct an opportunity assessment that depending on the depth and availability of data and the maturity of you operation can take between 2-6hours. A report will be generated. This is a process that provides great insights and identify quick ROI potential  (implementation speed/cost/vs potential impact on revenue). 

Actual Tools and Templates used may vary according to evaluated client needs.
Results are subject to data/inputs,  collateral, and availability of key stakeholders, including CEO during the process. 
Lead magnet, content development + funnel implementation not included (but may be separately contracted)
Delivery via web conferencing where in-person is not feasible 
Results Summation will be provided within 10 days of the OPPORTUNITY UNCOVERING DAY
This price will NOT last forever as demand continues to increase.
GUARANTEE : I personally guarantee that you will be able to easily and immediately take action and implement to get results after our time together or I will coach you for FREE until you are 100% confident.
You May Be Thinking . . . . (FAQ's)
What is in this business advisory that you are including?
The business advisory has a vast quantity of materials and over 400 hours of step by step video training with workbooks to give you a jump start. Organized according to the 5 Step to Ignite Profit Process: Leads; Conversions, Transactions; Pricing and Profitability, and Scaling your Business: Your will have at your fingertips a in each section Fundamentals, Strategies and Tactics and Ready to Customize Resources and Templates. It's got a customizable roadmap, quick start strategies and a 52 week program designed to take your business over its next revenue threshold. Take a look for yourself.
What do I need to do to prepare?
The more you have ready the more we can get done in the day. So I do ask you to prepare and do a bit of pre-work.
 1.  I will give you a PDF questionnaire to answer about your business,
2. I will ask you to gather any documents, books, advertising marketing data and marketing collateral you are using so that we can review them and have      baseline data to work with. 
3. I will ask you to make yourself available and have accessible anyone on your team whose inputs may benefit the process. 
4. Get excited. We are going to create accelerated progress come open to big possibilities and ready to roll up your sleeves. 
Do I have to be there the whole day?
You are the business owner so you are critical to the process though you may not be necessary for the entire time. A world class mentor, and my transformation coach once said to me, " if you want to get somewhere, you must first get where you are." To create something new we must first understand the current environment and any business constraints, and create goals and determine the most cost effective high return path to address the gaps. Thats what we will need to figure out. We will conference and step away as needed but the more you - or significant members of your team, can contribute the more we can get done. 
Is it really done in a day?
If you are prepared, we will have most of the discovery ground work done prior to and during our business growth levers roll-up our sleeves business day (or equivalent). Thereafter within 10 days you will have any follow on work products, deliverables, templates and recommendations delivered for your implementation along with any supporting mastermind memberships you may choose to supplement your growth.
Who is this experience is for:
You are a solopreneur, small or medium business owner and you want to grow your business. Whatever your situation is, if you are not focusing on Marketing, Innovation and transformation as strategic initiative then you could benefit from my CTO/CMO skillset. If you are uncertain, get on my calendar and we can talk about what you need and how I can help. I do this because I love to see businesses grow and business owners Thrive.  I have a broad based and powerful toolkit ready to go once I understand your challenges we will be able to pick the right ones.  Let put it to the test?
What is included in the optional additional half-day?
We may choose to continue the work, and/or conduct an Audit of your existing business and identify quick results (implementation speed/vs results) activities to incorporate into your marketing plan. The video says 2 hours for the mini version but teh full blown prioritization can take as much as 3-6 hours. Check it out
How long will it take me to get results in my business?
Only you can control how long it will take to get results in your business and this is 100% dependent on how fast you take action and implement the proven strategies but this "Done in a Day" Services will leave you with a significant headstart and  perhaps even a campaign to implement or some money generating tweaks to implement,. Some of our clients have received results in as fast in 24 hours, some in a matter of days. Those that commit to take action without excuses are the ones destined to succeed. I am here to support you on your own unique journey.
Why do you do this?
Zig Ziglar said: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” and I live by that statement.
15 years ago, I founded a fast growing association in the knowledge and innovation management space and I discovered the power that community can have on its members and their environments. Years later I realized that business owners such as ourselves lack that sort of community. Yes there are many groups out there - networking groups etc. But not a community that actually support business owner's in what they really care about: the day to days of growing their business so they can enjoy business ownership. That is why I founded the Build Business Results Network (BBR) Network: a global virtual group of business owners standing for each other’s success. We have an abundant mindset, innovate  and are in ACTION building business results. Do Join Us. 
Small Business Symposium- Facebook Headquarters, Singapore
About Raksha Sukhia, CKM, CKEE, CIARP
With more than two decades working in consultancy and in-house roles, her knowledge of leading strategic initiatives for global Fortune 500 multinationals, start-ups and government enterprises is unrivalled. She now uses her extensive skills to help small business owners flourish. Raksha shifts mindsets and imbeds marketing strategies that take them from wherever they are to the next level at an accelerated pace.
Her ‘secret sauce’ is highly effective and she has two decades of client results to prove it. She brings a combination of dynamic skills to the SME marketplace; including strategic and digital marketing, sales performance coaching, business transformation consultancy, organizational development and innovation management. Every client gets one-on-one access to her unique combination of expertise and her ability to deliver results. Having been through some of the toughest mindset shift and transformation programs in the world, Raksha’s mission is to leverage her talents to become the strategic-ally for SME business owners around the globe and instrumental in their growth. She is skilled at uncovering tacit impediments, that once unleashed will dramatically increase ROI, enhance profitability and expedite growth.
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