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" The number of different marketing approaches honestly had me confused. After this session I was amazed at how clearly I could see a conservative but actual financial impact that each strategy was going to have and now have a clearer sense of priorities that together we are implementing. ....  I am so grateful to have found you and for the help. It's like having another business partner who actually helps me get the right work done!- Mary Sitter, Entrepreneur

This Session is

This session is intended for those that have completed the 10K Marketing Makeover Session. If you are interested in doing this session please first book the preceding session. 


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    We will send you a confirmation once your session has been approved.  
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    Please do allow enough time to prepare for your session as we will be sending you some pre- work to help us derive the most revenue sources from your business.
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    Please do take the time to complete this. It could be the most important task you do for leads and revenue generation.

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I was skeptical initially but this was probably the most productive 45 minutes

" I was skeptical initially but this was probably the most productive 45 minutes I spent in all of last year on my business. The strategies were really well presented and exactly what I needed to take the business to the next level. We scheduled a follow up to evaluate and prioritize three strategies against my business and began working together to implement the first two immediately. This year we are already exceeding where we were last year in just the second quarter. "

Bill Caldone, , Growing Construction Company

She Transformed My Confidence and Ability to Drive Results

“When I came into the coaching with Raksha I was able to describe myself and what I wanted to create but. Now I am able to create for myself and drive the results I want to see. I would highly recommend her to any business owner wishing to move forward with turning their goals into Reality.”

Mikael Sitepu , Head of Indonesia Business

It was like having a secret weapon against all my competitors!

"I completed another powerful coaching session with Raksha … and each time I finish a coaching conversation I feel energized to move forward on all that I have on my plate. Having Raksha as a coach is like having a secret weapon against all my competitors.”

Khalid Seflan , Business Origination, Dubai

You Helped Me Overcome my Own Barriers

Thank you for providing me with a listening that helped me overcome my barriers and move forward powerfully in my career including my relationships with key stakeholders. For me a coach is someone "who makes you do things you do not want to do so that you could be who you always wanted to be" - thank you for being a great coach."

Karunkaran H , GM, Cairn India

She was able to ACTION Progress and Results.

She is very good at what she does, coach. After less than 3 coaching sessions working with our team, she is able to pin point our issues and action progress. Thanks to Raksha we have seen a vast improvement in results and overall focus.

Patrick Foo, , CFP, ChFC Partner, Audentia Alliance

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The 10K Session above is aimed at small business owners who are dedicated to growing their businesses. It applicable for a variety of industries and business types. If you would like a short call to explore how it would suit you or to get approved for this free offer please book a time below.

About Raksha Sukhia, CKM, CKEE, CIARP

With more than two decades working in consultancy and in-house roles, her knowledge of leading strategic initiatives for global Fortune 500 multinationals, start-ups and government enterprises is unrivalled. She now uses her extensive skills to help small business owners flourish. Raksha shifts mindsets and imbeds marketing strategies that take them from wherever they are to the next level at an accelerated pace.

Her ‘secret sauce’ is highly effective and she has two decades of client results to prove it. She brings a combination of dynamic skills to the SME marketplace; including strategic and digital marketing, sales performance coaching, business transformation consultancy, organizational development and innovation management. Every client gets one-on-one access to her unique combination of expertise and her ability to deliver results.

Having been through some of the toughest mindset shift training in the world, Raksha’s mission is to become the strategic ally for SME business owners around the globe to support their success. She is skilled at uncovering tacit impediments, that once unleashed will dramatically increase ROI, enhance profitability and expedite growth.