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Our Resident Business Growth Specialist and Coach, Raksha Sukhia is here to guide you.

You’re in business but you need to grow. Let’s face it. We all need a nudge and some accountability even if we have the motivation and desire to grow. These packages are designed to help you create momentum and move your business forward, expand markets and scale so that you operate with more revenue and profitability.

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Brandon Rearick Senior Broker, Caliber Home Loans
Khalid Seflan Business Origination, Dubai
Wayne Crosbie, Commercial Venture Lead, BP Integrated Supply & Trading
Karunkaran H GM, Cairn India
Sharon Tay Insurance and Financial Advisory
Mikael Sitepu Head of Indonesia Business
Patrick Foo, CFP, ChFC Partner, Audentia Alliance
Rolando Montecalvo
Webinar Attendee

Raksha helped me with new ways to get leads and sales. 

"Raksha helped me with new way to get leads and sales. to I would not hesitate to recommend Raksha as a business coach. She has a remarkable ability to listen and you can tell she really cares about her clients. She's such a great person to have in your corner to grow your business...

It was like having a secret weapon against all my competitors!

"I completed another powerful coaching session with Raksha … and each time I finish a coaching conversation I feel energized to move forward on all that I have on my plate. Having Raksha as a coach is like having a secret weapon against all my competitors.”

Powerful Experience I would Highly Recommend

“It was a powerful experience I would recommend to anyone. Regardless of my circumstances on the day, each and every coaching session ended with me feeling challenged, energised and empowered to generate new extraordinary outcomes. I'd recommend Raksha to anyone interested in coaching - be it for personal or professional purposes.

You Helped Me Overcome my Own Barriers

Thank you for providing me with a listening that helped me overcome my barriers and move forward powerfully in my career including my relationships with key stakeholders. For me a coach is someone "who makes you do things you do not want to do so that you could be who you always wanted to be" - thank you for being a great coach."

More than Doubled My Income! Thank You.

I was juggling many priorities to take care of my family needs and Raksha helped me to see things clearly, create perspective, milestones and a focused plan to achieve my goals. She kept me accountable and as a result not only did I more than DOUBLE my income and win a a company award. I am sooo grateful.

She Transformed My Confidence and Ability to Drive Results

“When I came into the coaching with Raksha I was able to describe myself and what I wanted to create but. Now I am able to create for myself and drive the results I want to see. I would highly recommend her to any business owner wishing to move forward with turning their goals into Reality.”

She was able to ACTION Progress and Results.

She is very good at what she does, coach. After less than 3 coaching sessions working with our team, she is able to pin point our issues and action progress. Thanks to Raksha we have seen a vast improvement in results and overall focus.

The IGNITE program provided me with insights that tensely I was missing. And, it's also allowed me to have better informed conversations with our internal marketing person. Which is great because now I really truly get what she's talking about. But, I can also put a more strategic slant on what is it that I am trying to achieve or what we're trying to achieve as a company.

I joined the IGNITE program when I was just about kicking off my business & what I learned more about the content of the program I knew that this was just what I needed to really set of strong foundation for my venture.

So when I met Raksha, joining her IGNITE program was a fantastic start for me to take this message across a wider audience. The eight weeks that span the program was quite extraordinary every week. I learned some new marketing skills.

So I needed to understand how to go about recruiting my own clients online. I was a bit skeptical at first, cause I've taken several webinars before & they simply weren't giving a good value. But, this one was different! It was really quite, quite rigorous. It forced me to think strategically about all the different services that I can offer and to understand their true value. And then how to build a sales funnel for each one.

I reached out to Raksha because I needed to figure out what are the values of my services, how can I digitize, and how can I automate. I received immense value from her IGNITE program.

I took the IGNITE program to better understand current online business strategies. I certainly got that it was deeper understanding of what I always tried to achieve. I got to expand my offering as well as a right learning way of combining my passion with my expertise.

This was useful for me, as it helped me to think less ambiguously about my offering and how they can all be packaged together, it’s given me a great measurable and clean goal to work towards and has bought in a lot of clarity overall, also has helped me overcome some of my blocks around selling very very helpful thank you so much.

I bought course before but they sent me videos and left me on my own on figure out what to do, And of course, nothing ever gets done and it’s like you are at ground zero at the end of it now, Not this, That’s what different here. I love having people out there who are trying similar tools to automate their business so we can share what’s works and what doesn’t in the right concept, it is also great to have people who faced same challenges- before me, thanks to the group for all the guidance on what mistakes not to make its great to hear what others are doing and see what applies to my business. Its far beats any course I purchased.

Thank you Raksha, Your knowledge, your experience just shined through, there is a clean, clear structure, easy to follow.

Finding someone with a marketing mind like Raksha, can be gold! This is exactly what I needed to get my business concept focused for growth, right from the get-go, I’ve now got the confidence and the know-how to finally build my own business using my expertise.

About the Founder: Raksha Sukhia, CKM, CKEE, CIARP

Raksha is a highly sought-after business growth coach with a demonstrated track record in on bringing her clients, customers and profitability. She has 2 decades of experience supporting CEO’s of multinationals in bringing about strategic growth and transformation. She has served as Regional Marketing & Innovation Director for a global-multi-billion-dollar IT services company, and has been the driving force behind several other successful upstart businesses their early acceleration stage. Her mindset is on making her clients money and her toolkit embraces the spectrum of the business and leadership value chain. She is the founder of the Build Business Results (BBR)Network that supports small and medium enterprises regardless of product or service to rapidly implement proven high-growth strategies across the spectrum of marketing, sales and strategic business finance and 

Raksha can be found on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rakshasukhia/.  
For more information on Raksha please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m11dm4aVFA0&feature=youtu.be
To Join BBR Network please visit: www.buildbusinessresutsnetwork.com/join

innovation management, leveraging her 5 Step to Accelerate Profit ModelTM Her proprietary toolkit is offered to clients 24-7 within the BBR Online Business Advisory. She is a certified sales enablement coach, ontological coach and digital marketer with a master’s degree in organizational development, change & knowledge management and a a degree in International Economics and Business with a speciality in Business Administration. Raksha has experience launching and growing small and large businesses across industries and geographies including having launched the worlds fastest growing knowledge and innovation management organization. She is a speaker and author and continuous learner. She travels extensively splitting her time between her homes in Singapore and USA whilst supporting her customer base. Raksha is the founder of the Build Business Results (BBR) Network, created as a collaborative environment  to support small and medium enterprises  to rapidly implement proven high-growth strategies across the spectrum of marketing, sales and strategic business finance and  to support them with the design and technology services to do so. 


The Build Business Results Network (BBR Network) is a global virtual group of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and experts in their fields.
We actively support each to SCALE our Businesses, GENERATE Customers, & CREATE Profitability.
We stand for each other’s success and the impact we can make. 
We have an abundant mindset. We innovate.
We leverage strategies that work.
We are achieving success that gives us the freedom to be. 

We are in ACTION.  
We are Creating Real Results.
We are the #bbrnetwork.

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