You Must Pivot for Sustainability and Success

This is Your Chance to Get Expert Help.

Raksha Sukhia, Business Growth and Profitability Strategist and founder of the Build Business Results Network (BBR Network). Sharing key insights from her upcoming book, Key Actions To Build Small Business Resiliency During A Downturn, Pivot Your For Sustainability and Success, and author of 45 Minute Business Breakthroughs: 8 Strategies to Increase Your Small Business Revenue. Raksha is offering her time to help small businesses and solopreneurs wanting advice on how to navigate the current economic environment.

Raksha's Promise to You is that You will Come Away from this Session having Uncovered Hidden Sources of Revenue within your Business your Business and Low-Cost Strategies to Immediately Increase your Bottom Line.

Discussion will be Specific to Your situation and Raksha will Show you Strategies as they apply but may include:

  • Where you are and how you need to move forward
  • Virtualize your business for and pivot your offerings to suit the current climate
  • Your current cash-flow and client pipeline and determine key actions for containment
  • Discuss ways to immediately bring near term revenue
  • Cultivate your Pipeline so you have ready-now-buyers as the economy recovers 
  • Going Digital, Sales Strategies and other Profit Optimization and Marketing Challenges. 


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- Your mindset and why it matters

- What resilience means in the COVID-19 world and why doing nothing is to your detriment

- Managing cashflow

- Generating immediate revenue

- Positioning for resilience

- Optimizing and capitalizing on
the downturn

- Minimizing the Impact by Pivoting Your Marketing

- Pivoting Marketing to Accelerate the Upturn

- Profitability Mapping

- Customer Psychology and MDP

- Generating Immediate Revenue

- Pivoting and Adapting Your Marketing

- Optimizing and Capitalizing on the Downturn

- Why Your Online Sales Process and Lead Funnel are Key to Your Long-Term Survival

- Going Social and Media Campaigns

- Customer Journey and Email List Building

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