Please Select Below the Appropriate Session as Discussed/Paid For to schedule the correct time and ensure all preliminary information is sent to you. We look forward to connecting. 

15-20 MINUTE

  • This is suitable for a quick consultation or introduction call, best suited to the following:
  • Introduction Call/ Explore Fit Factors
  • Learn About Coaching
  • Online Business Advisory Overview/Tour
  • Requirements Solidification Call


  • This is suitable for a quick consultation or introduction call, best suited to the following:
  • 30 Minute Marketing Consultation
  • Clarity Building Session
  •  Content/Customer Positioning Session
  • Solidify Digital Workflow

45-60 MINUTE

  • This is suited for regular coaching/consultation calls for ongoing clients and for:
  • Coaching Call (Ongoing Clients)
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation
  •  Funnel Planning Session 
  •  Business Advisory Orientation/Quarterly Follow up 


  • One Time Only, 45 Minute Marketing Makeover to show you a few strategies you can leverage in your business to create a minimum of 10K for your business. This essential session.   Most business owners feedback is that its an "illuminating session and well worth the time for the session. 

Profit Acceleration Evaluation  (90MIN)

  • For Participants that have experienced the 45 Minute Marketing Makeover Session and are ready to exploring in more more detail how specific strategies can impact their business and take a look at how to prioritize strategies based on the potential impact they can have on their business. 

90 MIN Coaching Consulting

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  • If you want to grow and scale your small business or solo practice further then you ever dreamed, without having to read anymore blog posts or sign up for another course, then the BUILD BUSINESS RESULTS NETWORK MASTERMIND/MEMBERSHIP might be exactly what you need. 

Disclaimer: Please note meetings are tentative until they have been approved. Sessions are allocated and confirmed basis eligibility after payment of coaching/consultation fees are paid and confirmed. Time is Precious. Please note we request a 36 hours advance notice for meetings, cancelations and reschedules.