Science of the Memes

So what do us Business Owner have to know about memes? A meme is a concept or behavior that spreads from person to person. Examples of memes include beliefs, fashions, stories, and phrases. An Internet meme is a concept or idea that spreads "virally" from one person to another via the Internet. An Internet meme could be anything from an image to an email or video file; however, the most common meme is an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption. Examples of behavioral Internet memes include using Facebook and checking email several times a day. Regardless, thinking about how your marketing can go viral in this manner is worth the effort. 

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Raksha Sukhia,SMB Growth Expert, Founder BBR Network.

Today I'd like to discuss the science of the memes and how spreading ideas around and through society is ingrained in humans.


This refers to types of ideas that spread the fastest through society, why they spread fast and how that affects consumerism. You can use this same information to create a lasting positive impression about your company, products and services. People are more likely to try a new product or services when they feel protected and reassured by the masses.

It’s been determined that spreading ideas is essential to the survival of a society.
There are 5 main situations where this occurs.

They are:

  1. Crisis
  2. Mission
  3. Problem
  4. Danger
  5. Opportunity

Think of evangelism. This is prime example of people not only spreading the word, but convincing people to jump on board and start to spread the word themselves. To do this effectively, you need to incorporate a few key things that always catch people’s eye:

  1. Sex
  2. News
  3. Unique Results
  4. The Unusual
  5. Helping Others
  6. Secrets

Next we are going to switch gears a little and talk about viral marketing. While, traditional marketing can be used to your advantage, the reality is viral and online marketing is the king of the castle. You can spread the word online like the plague, if you know what to do.

Here are some simple steps to do this:

Find an interesting idea

Make it easy for people to experience or trial

Spread the idea while people who are in close contact with others

Take advantage of existing communication methods

Develop the way of trying your product in such a way that it automatically draws more try-ers

Some great places to use viral marketing are:

  1. Geocities
  2. Ebay
  3. Roger Wilco
  4. ICQ
  5. AOL Instant Messenger
  6. MSN Instant Messenger
  7. Winamp
  8.  Hotmail
  9. “Tell A Friend” Buttons
  10. E-Greeting Cards

There are six things everyone should be doing to benefit from word of mouth on the Internet:

  • -Put WOM (word of mouth) components on your website.
  • -Assign people to monitor your viral marketing.
  • - Place testimonials in different places on your website to walk a customer through the purchasing cycle.
  • - Set up an email marketing campaign.
  • - Stay up to date on what products and services the experts in your industry are recommending.
  • - Use your website to demonstrate the great ways people are using or finding success with your products and services.

Here are other non-viral Internet opportunities to explore:

  1. iPhone's
  2. Handheld PC’s
  3. Blackberry's

And other well connected electronic devices. 

In the meantime, check out PC World's 8 Most Memorable Facebook Memes.  

If you need help putting together any of the plans reach out and share with us at the BBR Network.

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