Key Actions To Build Small Business Resiliency During A Downturn

Raksha Sukhia, the founder of Build Business Results Network has shared advice and KEY ACTIONS you can take now to ensure your business survives the downturn in the economy. These are real strategies garnered from the experts and being used with Build Business Results’ Private Clients, shared in a FREE 90-minute webinar .

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Why Building your Sales Funnel is Critical to your Small Business Resilience in These Times

The COVID Pandemic has made it even more clear that attracting clients, prospects online, and generating a steady stream of prospects and a healthy pipeline is not only a "nice to have" but a "must-have."

Come hear more about what you need to do to pivot your marketing to not only survive the downturn but to thrive in the upturn with a healthy pipeline of prospects that you can turn to clients.

This 45 Minute Webinar, Raksha Sukhia, Busines Growth Strategist and Founder of the Build Business Results Network will outline key strategies and A Simplified 8 Step Process for building a simple marketing system that works.

Link:  buildbusinessresults.com/salesfunnelwebinar/


Get Your Pitch On! - A Program Designed to Help You Build or Refine Your Powerful Elevator Pitch.

Did you know that most entrepreneurs waste their effort because they don’t know how to communicate their business value succinctly?

This course is to test-drive your current pitch; sharpen its focus, and see what it does for your response rates.

Link: https://buildbusinessresults.com/elevator-pitch/

This 2.5-hour workshop is a hands-on interactive and fun online version of workshops I ran for: George Mason University; The Fairfax Economic Center Business Incubator; and the Reston Chamber of Commerce. Now you can get this from your living room.

After this course, you will walk away with:

  • an understanding of the key elements that need to be in your pitch
  • knowing what to do and what not to do when pitching
  • a solid and practiced pitch that you can record and immediately use

In this fun and highly interactive session, we’ll roll up our sleeves and put together and or strengthen your existing elevator pitch. You’ll leave with your perfect pitch to take to your next networking event and for you to take your business forward.


IGNITE Your Income, Your Influence, and Your Impact: BBR Signature Self-Paced E-Learning Program


Every week we’ll tackle a module to help you and your business get ready to get off the ground.

Module 1: Establishing Your Positioning 

Module 2: Developing your Brand Story

Module 3: Map Out An Automated 3-Step “Prospect Capture” Process  

Module 4: Automation Tools

Module 5: Developing your Product Stack

Module 6: Nurturing Leads through the Customer Journey via a Drip Campaign  

Module 7: Understanding How to Convert with Copy 

Module 8: Getting the Business Essentials in Place  

8 Module PlayBacks w/Program Playbook



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