Small Businesses everywhere are being affected by
COVID-19 Pandemic and it’s after effects.


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Are you tired of throwing time and money at marketing

that is not bringing in leads and sales?

why not apply strategies proven to multiply marketing ROI
for Thousands of small businesses?

find out three biggest lead generation mistakes small  business OWNERS make and get marketing tips.

personalized business development EXPERTISE

Helping Business Owners Realize the full potential of their business actually changes lives
that's why we love what we do. 

website conversation evaluation

Applying Tested Conversion Strategies ensures your website and drip campaigns coverts traffic to long term customers, Along with your coach, applying our quick evaluator helps you turn your website into a lead generating machine.

Profit Acceleration 

So many Strategies, but which ones will have the maximum impact on YOUR revenue? This tool will show you the impact of key strategies on your bottom line.  Our coaches will apply our proprietary Profit Acceleration Software to your business to your specific business and provide you with a report and work with you on your priority list.

Market dominating position

Like anything, your business marketing is ONLY as good as its foundation. We will help you one-one-one build a strong and Solid Strategic Foundation for maximum impact. Our e-business advisory will teach you how to create a foundation that crushes competition and our coaches will work with you to develop yours. 

implement digital marketing

Do you have a  Digital Strategy? Want help to Implement? Checkout our Digital Marketing Implementation Services to help you take your market dominating proposition, apply the conversion equation into lead generating funnels and drip campaigns. Ask us about our social media, google and Facebook programs too. 


Thousands of Sales Executive and Sales team across the globe have elevated their sales by an average documented 23%. Our sales curriculum and coaching is widely known for getting results.  Whether you have a team or are independent s our Certified Sales Coaches can help you earn more. 

start a digital business

Break free from conventionalism  and create your own digitally - enabled path to freedom. We love it! And we can help you create your own online high-ticket affiliate marketing business. It all starts with attending a workshop or our  e-orientation program with your live coach. 

real strategic insights & training

Eye Opening Report

The Three Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Business Make and how to avoid them.

Marketing Secrets video

Reveals the secret formula Business Owners Must Know to Generate All The Leads They Can Handle.

free training video

Each week we share a FREE and Fresh bonus video to supplement our online Business Advisory Program.


Only 3% of small businesses across a million in revenue and most fail. This is because most of them focus on the wrong strategies. 20% of the time you spend makes up for 80% of your revenues and my book outlines eight specific strategies that if you spent 20% of your time on would significantly increase your revenues. Guaranteed.

If you are willing to allow me to include your business case study in the next edition of my book I will walk you through two to three of these strategies in a 45 minute online session so we can explore how to apply them to YOUR business.

Or for a limited time get a copy of the e-edition of this 94 page book.

12 Week Small Business Boot Camp

This Program is the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support to get you out of any financial distress you're presenting experiencing... help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities... and help you develop and then apply the fundamentals that build multi-million dollar businesses.

  • 6 - Bi-Weekly Live Small Group Session
  • One-on-one Assistance
  • 3 Months Access to Online Lessons, Foundational Strategies / Tools / Templates 
  • Peer to Peer Support to Interaction
  • One On One Guided Business Building Support

THE BBR NETWORK business advisory system is online!!

This online advisory is the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support to get you out of any financial distress you're presently experiencing... help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities... and help you develop and then apply the fundamentals that build multimillion dollar business.

  • Complete Diagnostic on Your Business
  • Customized Marketing Road Map to Follow
  • Step-By-Step Internet Marketing and Business Building Content
  • And Much More...

your seasoned partner
in business

Hi, Raksha Here. I'm a Marketing, Sales and Business Development Strategist

I work One on One with Business Owners who want to see a dramatic increase in ROI with their marketing and lead generation efforts. I work with business Owners who want a dramatic increase in ROI, leads, conversions and sales from their marketing effort. I can show you specific strategies that small business owners know NOTHING about.... cost NOTHING to implement.... take just minutes to put into place... and will put at least $10,000 in additional revenue in your pocket quickly and effortlessly.

looking for some  PARTNERSHIP, AND one-on-one support?

Entrepreneurship can be lonely.  Sometimes it can feel as though everything is on your shoulders and you just don't have anyone to turn to. If this is you, You've come to the right place. For qualified clients, globally, I work in a roll up our sleeves, work out a strategy an get it done partnership. Together, we diagnose, develop strategies and I support you in implementing them.

You're Busy, Rightfully so, you have a business to run. Your are NOT alone. Nor should you be. Reach Out: Book a 15 minute exploration session and determine your next steps or drop and email to info@buildbusinessresults.com.

Yes! I'm busy with running my business. I want marketing expertise and support to get the most of my spend.

we love our clients AND they love us


Raksha helped me with new ways to get leads and sales. 

"Raksha helped me with new way to get leads and sales. to I would not hesitate to recommend Raksha as a business coach. She has a remarkable ability to listen and you can tell she really cares about her clients. She's such a great person to have in your corner to grow your business...

Brandon Rearick , Senior Broker, Caliber Home Loans

Powerful Experience I would Highly Recommend

“It was a powerful experience I would recommend to anyone. Regardless of my circumstances on the day, each and every coaching session ended with me feeling challenged, energised and empowered to generate new extraordinary outcomes. I'd recommend Raksha to anyone interested in coaching - be it for personal or professional purposes.

Wayne Crosbie, , Commercial Venture Lead, BP Integrated Supply & Trading

More than Doubled My Income! Thank You.

I was juggling many priorities to take care of my family needs and Raksha helped me to see things clearly, create perspective, milestones and a focused plan to achieve my goals. She kept me accountable and as a result not only did I more than DOUBLE my income and win a a company award. I am sooo grateful.

Sharon Tay , Insurance and Financial Advisory

She Transformed My Confidence and Ability to Drive Results

“When I came into the coaching with Raksha I was able to describe myself and what I wanted to create but. Now I am able to create for myself and drive the results I want to see. I would highly recommend her to any business owner wishing to move forward with turning their goals into Reality.”

Mikael Sitepu , Head of Indonesia Business

It was like having a secret weapon against all my competitors!

"I completed another powerful coaching session with Raksha … and each time I finish a coaching conversation I feel energized to move forward on all that I have on my plate. Having Raksha as a coach is like having a secret weapon against all my competitors.”

Khalid Seflan , Business Origination, Dubai

You Helped Me Overcome my Own Barriers

Thank you for providing me with a listening that helped me overcome my barriers and move forward powerfully in my career including my relationships with key stakeholders. For me a coach is someone "who makes you do things you do not want to do so that you could be who you always wanted to be" - thank you for being a great coach."

Karunkaran H , GM, Cairn India

She was able to ACTION Progress and Results.

She is very good at what she does, coach. After less than 3 coaching sessions working with our team, she is able to pin point our issues and action progress. Thanks to Raksha we have seen a vast improvement in results and overall focus.

Patrick Foo, , CFP, ChFC Partner, Audentia Alliance

I would highly recommend her to any CEO looking to expand business.

“Raksha’s coaching was invaluable in helping me learn to communicate and generate authentic commitment and accountability to articulate and drive forward our strategy. I would highly recommend her to any CEO looking to expand business. (translated from Mandarin).


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YES! I'm ready to generate more leads,
close more sales and keep more profits!