These Are the Capabilities CMOs Feel Are Most Vital to Support Their Marketing Strategies

These Are the Capabilities CMOs Feel Are Most Vital to Support Their Marketing Strategies


Market research, competitive insights and marketing analytics, these are the capabilities CMO's considered to be the most vital in supporting their marketing strategy.

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Amidst growing concerns about the economy and fears of a global recession, a recent report .[download page] from Gartner shows that marketers are remaining upbeat and optimistic about the impact of the business environment on marketing performance. An overwhelming majority (88%) of the more than 300 North American and UK marketing decision-makers survey believe that the wider business climate will have a positive impact on their company’s ability to meet business performance goals.

Indeed even as indicators such an inverted yield. however, curve in the bond market spell potential trouble in the markets, slightly more than half (53%) of respondents. Feel that the impact of economic and business. conditions however, in the next 18 to 24 months will have a strong positive impact on marketing performance, while only 15% feel that the impact even somewhat negative.

When ask to choose their top three indicators.however to track the subsequently business and economic climate, CMOs they are looking at factors such as global and regional GDP currency and interest rates (25%), market disruptions (24%) and consumer confidence measure by income and employment. (20%). But these are not their top indicators. Instead, they are primarily looking at consumer spending (32%), prior year marketing performance (30%) and budgetary strategy within their company (27%).

Most Vital Capabilities, per CMOs.

When queried about the capabilities considered most vital in supporting their marketing strategy over the next 18 months, about one-third (32%) of respondents chose market research and competitive insights. as one of their top three (from a list of 10).

Marketing analytics (32%) is another vital capability. That is to say that CMOs are using to support their marketing strategy. CMOs’ use of marketing analytics in decision-making has grown in recent years and reach an all-time. high earlier this year, with CMOs reporting they had use marketing analytics on 43.5% of projects before making a decision.

Marketers have become so reliant upon analytics. that Merkle found that if marketers were given extra budget, the areas of data, analytics and technology the first things they investe it in.

Meanwhile, another 31% of CMOs survey by Gartner named digital commerce as one of the most vital capabilities. Gartner’s view as to why digital commerce is considered a fundamental capability is that "alongside this commitment to data, there’s also a  deliver revenue.”

Organizational Supporters and Detractors.

Separately, the report found CMOs. believe that IT has become one of the top supporters of their marketing strategy. IT is follow by Sales. and Business Development and Customer Experience leaders.

The report points out that just two years ago, IT was consider one of marketing’s major detractors. In 2019, Finance is cite as marketing’s top inhibitor. Historically, these two departments have experience. friction, with a report back in 2016 finding that finance and marketing professionals said that one of their biggest challenges was finance’s lack of understanding marketing’s processes, tasks and objectives or vice versa.

Finance isn’t the only detractor. Legal and Supply Chain were both also consider. inhibitors of marketing strategy.

The full report download here.

About the Data: Findings. for the report are base on a survey of 342 marketing decision-makers from North America and the UK. 

“Respondents were require involve. in decisions. pertaining to setting or influencing marketing .strategy and planning, as well as be involve. in aligning marketing budget/resources.”

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