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Break-through your Blocks Transformation/Growth Coaching Sessions



Get Unblocked!
These sessions with a powerful ontological and growth coach, Raksha Sukhia (see below for more details) gives you the perfect sestting to explore limitations and beliefts, or to roll up your sleeves and get the support and partnership for projects you know you want and need to do.
Leveraging a unique combination of a mindset shift, life and/or business coaching these powerful confidential 90-minute one-on-one zoom sessions are intended to support you get to the next level or simply "Get Unblocked".

All sessions are intended to serve you and move you forward in your goals and aspirations powerfully. We will customize the session to your purpose, tone and stated and desired outcomes.

Here is a short list of things you may use these sessions for:

General Leadership, Executive and Professional or Personal Life Topics to: 

  • help you to Gain Clarity and Space
  • work though or Create an Action Plan
  • serve as a non-threatening accountability platform and structure
  • work through conflict and conflicting issues or thoughts
  • build better Relationships or Manage a Critical Negotiation
  • and more...

Or, if you are a business owner and wish to continue to build your business:

Business Building Topics and Areas to Explore:

  • Work on Your Business Growth Strategies
  • Sort through the "Techie" block
  • Create a Social Presence Persona and Plan
  • Gain Confidence and work through barriers to success
  • Understand how to Apply Digital Marketing
  • and more.

About Your Coach:

Raksha Sukhia, is the founder of the Build Business Results Network. She is a leadership/transformation coach, trained ontological mindset and leadership coach, and a business growth coach. From the leadership/executive and life coaching perspective Raksha coaches and consults with high growth leaders  in the areas of leadership, business transformation, relationship management, negotiation and more. She helps them establish goals, take a look at hidden blocks and unarticulated belief patterns that may affect performance and helps the, to gain clarity and peace of mind.

develop a growth mindset and to grow revenue, and profitability in accordance with their articulated goals.  From there we support with strategy and helping our clients execute growth and profitability strategies and ongoing growth.

As the former regional director of marketing and innovation for an global multinational and an entrepreneur, Raksha has both long term corporate experience and understands the contrasting small business environment. She is also  certified as a sales enablement coach, an International Coach Federation, Credentialled PCC coach and continues to work with leaders experiencing change both personally and professionally. Here is my bio video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m11dm4aVFA0

If you are unsure about how coaching may help you with your challenges, Raksha would love to talk more to hear about your goals for coaching.
Please do see if any of the times here would suit you for a preliminary talk: https://www.buildbusinessresults.com/15explore

Sessions (Validity for 6 months)

One 90-Minute Session, Three 90-Minute Sessions, Six 90-Minute Sessions, Nine 90-Minute Sessions, Twelve 90-Minute Sessions

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  • 1 Service Credit is a unit of work that can be defined as a simple task taking 40 minutes or less.
  • Every Month you may allocate your credits to "Tasks" that will get done for you.  
  • The exact # of Service Credits™ may vary depending on your request or the complexity of your task. Please see sample table in the next FAQ section. 
  • Service Credits shall be applied during the month they are credited and all tasks shall be completed in a timely manner.
  • Service Credits are allocated according to your package every month and shall refresh at the start of every month. 
  • Additional Service Credits may be purchased on a one time basis as needed. 


Estimated Sample Service Credit Allocation: 





Tweak a Graphic or Photo (1 Credit)

Create an integrate a Sale Funnel with my content (20-40 credits)

Set up my webinar (1 Credit)

Set up SSL on my site (2 Credits)

Create a Social Media Graphic (1-2 Credits)

Design or redesign a Page on my website (2-3 Credits)

Set up and email newsletters with my blog content (RSS to email) (5 Credits)

Update my Wordpress plugins (1 Credit)

Write a 6-email sequence  (7 Credits)

Design or redesign a Page on my website (3-5 Credits)

Configure Email Campaign 6 emails (3 Credits)

Manage issues with my hosting provider (2-4 credits)

Design a lead magnet? or other collateral/ handout etc. (6 Credits)

Tweak some content on my website or page (1 Credit)

LinkedIn Profile Makeover/Optimization ( 10 credits)

Setup Email Automation Platform (3-5 Credits)

Create Favicon (1 Credit)

Ad Google Maps to my site.  (1 Credit)

On-Page SEO (2 Credits) 

Set up e and Integrate Google Analytics to my site (8-10 Credits)

Design an Infographic (3 Credits)

Setup Email Automation (3 Credits) or Integrate my tools (2-3 Credits)

Write, design, launch Facebook/Linkedin Ads (5-10 Credits)

Domain Transfer to another Domain provider (2 Credits)

Create an Explainer Video from my storyboard (<60s) (20-60 Credits)

Create Zapier Automation Zaps (1 Credit)

 Keyword Analysis  (15 Credits)

Debug Something (1-3 Credits)

Create and Animated GIF Image (2 Credits)

Set Up Google Analytics Goals (3 Credits)

Configure my Blog Article (1 Credit)

Design a New Page (1-2 Credits)

Schedule My Social Media Post (1 Credit)

Conduct a Jump Start 12 business opportunities assessment (25 Credits) or Conducted over several strategy calls

Create Social Media Banner (1 Credit)

Set up my e-learning course (10-15 Credits)

Schedule and Send an outbound email to my list (1 Credit)

Enter Conduct a digital marketing assessment (coming soon) text here...

These are only a few popular examples. We can do much more... The only limit is your imagination.

*Actual Credits may vary with the complexity of your task.

**Content shall be driven by the business owner with support of the coach.  


Pay as Your Grow "Get Results" Packages are Month-to-Month, with 30 days notice via email for cancelation. 


For the most part, we can accomodate any tools you already use. We often recommend Leadpages for landing pages, sites, email list building, and lead capture, as well as ActiveCampaign for marketing automation.
Here are some of the most popular platforms and tools we work with:

Here are some of the most popular platforms and tools we work with:

  • Wordpress
  • Thrive Themes
  • GoDaddy/Other Hosting 
  • Digital Ocean
  • Squarespace/Wix
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • Click Funnels
  • Lead Pages
  • Get Response
  • Mail Chimp
  • Active Campaign
  • Constant Contact
  • WooCommerce
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • LinkedIn
  • Meetup
  • Facebook

and many more....


  • Dont Worry. Your Service Credits  allocated via your package refresh for  you every month for utilization during that month. 
  • You may also purchase additional service credits on a one-time basis should you require additional work or tasks to be done. 


  • The exact # of Service Credits™ may vary depending on your request or the complexity of your tasks and may be allocated by your coach in accordance with decisions that you make during your strategy and growth sessions. 
  • All requests should be placed via email, via request form or via your coaching calls with your business growth strategist. All requests placed in the month shall be completed in a reasonable and timely manner. 
  • What we create for you is yours. Any PDFs, code, designs, copy, ad creative, logos etc. — it's all done for you and owned by you. All coaching materials and methods shall remain our property, but all that we create for you shall be yours.  
  • Private Collaboration and Protection of your Assets:  All credentials, materials, business plans and other confidential material shall remain so and any passwords, credentials and access rights shared with the BBR team shall be kept in the strictest confidentiality by the BBR team. and of course what we create for you is yours.
  • We value your Privacy and Confidentiality. By purchasing this package you agree to reciprocal non-disclosure terms, whereby both parties agree to maintain confidentiality of one anothers methods, processes, plans, goals, client lists, databases, code, and any other intellectual property.